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The goal of Information Technology (IT) at Sutherlin School District is to put technology in the hands of students so they become better learners and teachers when using technology in the classroom and at home.
Microsoft Applications
Google Applications
Microsoft and Google Accounts
All Sutherlin School District students have Microsoft and Google Accounts. Sutherlin High School and Sutherlin Middle School are typically the students that use both Microsoft and Google accounts to interact with teachers as part of their curriculum.
School loaned Chromebook and Login issues
If you're an enrolled student at Sutherlin School District and you are unable to access your Microsoft/Google account or are having issues with the Chromebook that was checked out.
Please send an email to:
Subject: Login issue or Chromebook issue
Student First name and Last name
Contact number
Description of the issue
A staff member will contact you to assist.
Curriculum Accounts
Sutherlin School District provides online curriculum to students for the following programs.
HMHCO - K-12
  Think Central - GO MATH!
   Holt McDougal Online- Collections
ConnectEd K-5
   Wonders Works
McGraw Hill K-5
Renaissance Learning
StemScopes 6-12
BigIdeas Math - Grades 6-12
EasyCBM - K-8
Imagine BigBrainz
Zearn - 5
Cengage - 6-12
Pearson realize - 6-12
If the student packet includes one of the above curriculums and the student is unable to access their account online please send an email to with the student firstname, lastname and a contact number. Once the student is verified an account and password will be provided.
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