Sutherlin Valley Online Academy

210 E Central Ave,

Sutherlin, OR 97479

Phone 541-529-230

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   Welcome to Sutherlin Valley Online Academy! Are you ready to “Step through the door to your future success?”

   At SVOA, scheduling and academic pacing options allow us to accommodate a wide variety of learning needs. For example, the program may be appropriate for students working to retrieve credits and transition back into Sutherlin High School; for students who wish to graduate early; or for students who may not feel comfortable in a traditional classroom environment.

   SVOA also strives to build bridges between our students and Sutherlin High School. The curriculum aligns with the high school, which eases transitions, and this year, our students will be invited to take an extracurricular class at the high school.

   No matter how many steps you have taken away from your education, it only takes one step to get back on track!

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